Solid shampoo bar / shaving soap bar

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Solid shampoos are the eco-friendly version of conventional liquid shampoos. Their composition is similar to that of their liquid counterparts with the distinct difference that the water component has been removed. 

Our super long-lasting  luxury solid shampoo bars create a dense, conditioning lather and leaves the hair both clean and conditioned.

Cocoa butter, Argan oil, Silk peptides and Vitamin B5 work in harmony to make a truly innovative product.

These shampoo bars are approx 100g weight and will last for at least 50-100 washes – Luxury hair care at a very affordable price.

Our luxurious range of natural shampoo and shaving bars are made using the finest, pure ingredients, including oils to create our uplifting, nurturing scents.

Handmade in Cornwall from natural ingredients, these gorgeous shampoo bars are pure and gentle. Made without using chemicals, they aren't tested on animals and are complete with oils.


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