Cosmetics scent descriptions

Bubblegum - A really sweet bubble gum fragrance.


Jelly bean - A super sweet jelly bean fragrance.


Flower blast - This is one of the  most amazing fragrances, a beautiful floral with hints of jasmine, rose and freesia with delicate undertones of sparkling pomegranate, musky vanilla and a sprinkling of patchouli. 


Creedence - A classic male fragrance.


Lovely spell - This stunning fragrance is a deliciously sweet blend of cherry blossom, white musk and tangerine with hints of  peach, strawberry, raspberry and bergamot.


Lemon sherbet - A delicious sweet, and powdery lemon fragrance.


Red berry sorbet - This fragrance is a warm summery fragrance, reminiscent of sweet and juicy, plump red raspberries, loganberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries all complimented by a sweet, sugary, vanilla base.